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joseph ekloff: creative professional

This is a showcase of creative work in a variety of formats–a sensory array of visual explosion, cerebral exhilaration, and communicative paradise. Swim in imagination, genesis, generation, conception, and concoction.

All contents copyright by owner. No use or reproduction without explicit permission. Please use contact form for requests, purchasing inquiries, commercial publication, or commissions.


corporate identity. Branding materials, logotype and logogram development, business cards, packaging, print/brochure, annual reports.

advertising/poster/book. Promotional spreads, page layout, posters, bookmaking.

web design. Interactive flash, website development, and projects in html, css, and php.

typography. Typeface design, font creation, and type specimens.

photography. Digital photography, photo manipulation, editing, hoaxes, photoshopping, and photojournalism.

illustration/fine art. Fine artwork, pen & ink drawings, charcoal, vector sketches, color theory, assorted media.

clothing/apparel. Screen-printing, hand-carved stencils on shirts, freehand painting, etc.

music. Various musical projects include Bolie Folke (solo), Chris G and Me (live performances), Dr. Ouch & the Medications (band duo), computer generated midi files.

misc projects. 3D, sculpture, home-brew guitar making, video, poetry book, lo-fi windows games.