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The Walkmen vs Alicia Keys Mashup

I’ve always been fascinated with mashups. There are some wonderful songs that mix into an equal or better song than the original. There are also mash-ups that mix two already poor songs into a worse song. I attempted to contribute my remixing cents into the pot and I chose “No One” by Alicia Keys to...

Mistakes Make Music (free album)

The following is a review by the author of the album- Mistakes Make Music. Bolie Folke (his real name is undisclosed) was kind enough to let me post his biographical account of the recording below: Today I made an album ready for the public to download using the one-man-band name of Bolie Folke. It’s a...

Sesame Street Song Downloads

I still have a lot of kid left in me. I recently bought a “Muppet Babies” tape and loved it. Jim Henson is awesome. I own VHS tapes of Sesame Street that I converted into mp3s: “Rock and Roll!” and “Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street.” I have others but these are...