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February Love Jams

February Love Jams

These are the songs that filled our musical hearts with love. Bon Iver & St. Vincent- Roslyn Ever wondered what a Bon Iver & St. Vincent collaboration would sound like? Well, this song provides an answer–it sounds like Bon Iver, with a little extra reverb, but mostly it just sounds like classic Bon Iver.  It...
Review of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs"

Review of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Arcade Fire’s 2010 album, The Suburbs, is a truly delightful piece of musical drama.  It takes the band in a refreshing direction by leaving out the orchestration that was evident in Neon Bible. While Neon Bible had a power to it, the newest album steers in a more melancholic direction,...

2008 Top 5 Albums

I was going to do a Top 10 list, but I honestly don’t listen to that many albums to narrow down from a single year. Chances are I’ll discover numerous albums from 2008, but until then I’ll point out some that I ended up listening to . Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago Busting...

Mixtape: Too Much December

December was busy. Plenty going on, plenty to listen to, plenty of plenty. I didn’t capture much to mixtape this month, and it didn’t help that a good portion of the stuff I collected have no documentation other than rarer recordings or the are just too unestablished to have a music video or performance. I...