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Thao & Mirah Cover "Love is a Battlefield"

Thao & Mirah Cover “Love is a Battlefield”

I’m typically not a fan of cover songs–why try to outdo an already fantastic song?   But sometimes a cover comes along that is so unique, so creative, I forget it’s a cover.  Thao & Mirah’s take on Pat Benatar’s classic “Love is a Battlefield” is a perfect example of this.  Their rendition gives the original...
November Turkey Tunes

November Turkey Tunes

Apparently we were too busy stuffing our faces with turkey to upload our monthly tune recommendations for November.  Then finals came along, and then our…okay no more excuses.  The point is, we were bad.  If you will forgive us, please take this rocking playlist as a token of our apology. Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young)...

Wilco proceeds with new 2009 album

Cover art just release for the album which is self-titled, along with a title track. The song is the only publicly performed on this record as heard on Colbert Report and played for some recent live shows. This could be a cover for a potential single? The tracklist came out too: Wilco (the song) Deeper...

Westerberg’s Stereo goes on Stereo

Stereo is one of my favorite dual albums, with its counterpart Mono, all of which comes from mastermind Paul Westerberg. I’ve come to realize that I get attached to music that has sentimental appeal, and even more so when it can hit the gut on a personal level as though the lyrics are being drawn...