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You have entered into a glorious pool of sound. You are traveling through time with a weightless companion known as music, and as Liquid Parallax as your tour guide, prepare to be exhilarated.

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Madeon - "Pop Culture" (Dance Video)

Madeon – “Pop Culture” (Dance Video)

Madeon’s song “Pop Culture” is a dancy number that reminds me of Ratatat’s “Wildcat” with the roar sample. Plus, its got a mashup vibe with all the sampling of vocals and whatnot. I am pretty picky with my electronic-inspired selections, so this one doesn’t disappoint. Check out the goofy dance moves from a tall and...
September Playlist: 10 Songs Under the Influence of Music

September Playlist: 10 Songs Under the Influence of Music

Check out our monthly playlist that chronicles some of our favorite songs at the moment.  These are the songs we can’t get out of our head–some of them are old favorites and some are newly discovered loved tracks. Here is our inaugural list. Enjoy! Twin Sister- Lady Daydream Active Child – Take Shelter The Swell...

Interactive Breakdance Lessons

I have always wished I had the skills to dance like b-boys. Breakdancing is the only dancing that I actually would be interested to learn. I like the innovative moves and the strength required. When it comes to traditional dancing, I have no experience. I have three left feet. But I have tried a few...