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Mixtape: August On a Wing

Kim Taylor is a better candidate for incessantly repeated airplay than Sara Bareilles. I wrote about this song over a year ago stating that I had heard it a year before that. Unfortunately, the studio mp3s are no longer hosted on her site, but I was lucky enough to catch her demo version when it...

Gender Standards

Underarm hair is disgusting for females, yet ladies are to tolerate it on men? Don’t get me wrong: I don’t shave my pits, I’m a straight guy, and I’m not really a feminist (in the sense of increasing rights of women only; I’m more of a nongenderist [a made up word] where gender has the...


I recently added a new color to my web scheme via CSS coding. I needed another color for secondary headings that complimented the others and pink is what I liked. For those who don’t know: I’m a guy, a dude, a man. I’m not homosexual, I just like all colors. And maybe it will increase...