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You have entered into a glorious pool of sound. You are traveling through time with a weightless companion known as music, and as Liquid Parallax as your tour guide, prepare to be exhilarated.

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How to Manage Your Digital Music Library

(If you have a short attention span and don’t care much for commentary, skip this paragraph and go straight to the five steps for the online music lover) Years ago, it was harder to find out more detailed information about songs and their writers without searching catalogs, or finding related articles or interviews, or talking...

Listen to 2.5+ Million Tracks (Students Only)

If you go to college or have an email address with “.edu” at the end, you can listen to a lifetime’s worth of new popular bands or old songwriters (most of the good stuff you find in music stores)- if you’re willing to download another media player and settle for non-ipod compatible protected WMA files...