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You have entered into a glorious pool of sound. You are traveling through time with a weightless companion known as music, and as Liquid Parallax as your tour guide, prepare to be exhilarated.

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iTunes Tagging like Multi-Genre

There has yet to be a satisfactory system or program that allows tagging multiple custom keywords for a music collection that works on a personal audio library. Besides documenting the available options, this is sort of a request to developers (especially on mac or multi-OS) who use digital music (and possibly iTunes). Let’s get open...

Fixed and Smart Playlist Ideas

As described at the end of my guide to online music, here’s are some playlists that will give you the power tools to organize your music better like a power user. Smart Playlists Top 100 Played Limit to 100 items selected by most often played I listen to post rock and instrumental stuff while sleeping...