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You have entered into a glorious pool of sound. You are traveling through time with a weightless companion known as music, and as Liquid Parallax as your tour guide, prepare to be exhilarated.

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My Free Poetry eBook

I’ve written a manuscript full of bizarre and experimental poems of about 80 small pages. I’d like people to read it if they are interested in a short, but interesting book. I’d let you download a .pdf file to read in Adobe reader. I’ll send it to anybody for free, but I would appreciate if...

is this place

I hereby place the following poem in the public domain. (written October 31, 2005) Nature bends its back and the dry mouth of a tall green cactus spins a tornado of heat. Time has turned around, dripping past the sleeper. Wasting away, wasting it may, run away with the wind. New sights of old return...