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Active Child in Female Form?

Active Child in Female Form?

As we get further away from the 80s, we get more music that draws from it. And it’s usually hit or miss. So I will cut to the chase and let you know that Zola Jesus’ Sea Talk is quite the synthed ballad of pure retro-electro chamber pop. And why does Active Child get mentioned...
Thao & Mirah Cover "Love is a Battlefield"

Thao & Mirah Cover “Love is a Battlefield”

I’m typically not a fan of cover songs–why try to outdo an already fantastic song?   But sometimes a cover comes along that is so unique, so creative, I forget it’s a cover.  Thao & Mirah’s take on Pat Benatar’s classic “Love is a Battlefield” is a perfect example of this.  Their rendition gives the original...
"All Day" mixed review of Girl Talk

“All Day” mixed review of Girl Talk

The illegal music sampling of Gregg Gillis has continued. The new e-mix came out this month and I was able to throw my ears at it on its day of release despite the slammed computer servers. Girl Talk now has mirror downloads that should let anybody have a listen to his album-length of recomposed pop...

Ultimate List of Free & Legal mp3 Music Downloads

I have found so much music for free that I can’t fit it all on my iPod. There is just too much out there. And the best thing about it is nobody gets in trouble for breaking the law if you have permission, although there are some organizations that want to restrict your musical freedom...