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You have entered into a glorious pool of sound. You are traveling through time with a weightless companion known as music, and as Liquid Parallax as your tour guide, prepare to be exhilarated.

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Mixtape: September is Splitting

Broken Social Scene – “Superconnected” A band I will have to put on my unwritten “bands I want to see live” list. I had the unfortune (very different from misfortune) of being too busy to see My Morning Jacket and Vampire Weekend perform in my town in the month of September. My Morning Jacket’s new...

New Pop Music is Radiohead

Radiohead seems to fit well as a poster child of the current Pop Music. They have taken the sentiments typical of Pop Art and electromagnify it. The attitude of ambivalence and conflicted duality seem to be expressed in the sonic compositions. They blend electronic transformation with traditional instrumentation of rock or alternative music. They utilize...

Obscure CDs: Drenched by Miracle Legion

Remember the Music From the Adventures of Pete & Pete? I sure do. While I like the Nickelodeon show, the music stands on its own. The mastermind behind the theme song is Mark Mulcahy. I’m sure you never heard of him (unless you searched for him specifically). Due to a missing member, they renamed Miracle...