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Mixtape: August On a Wing

Kim Taylor is a better candidate for incessantly repeated airplay than Sara Bareilles. I wrote about this song over a year ago stating that I had heard it a year before that. Unfortunately, the studio mp3s are no longer hosted on her site, but I was lucky enough to catch her demo version when it...

Mixtape: Come What May

Round two of the monthly mixtape. I’m still behind and that is alright because I am spreading these out. “Break My Body/Hold My Bones.” Those few words get trapped into my earbanks. This song is about as gritty as it gets this month. Here’s a live version. I have SXSW to thank for this song...

Get a Year’s Dosage of Music [SXSW]

The yearly festival known as SXSW offers the universe at large the ability to download a slew of free mp3s in the form of a torrent. This year as well as most are full of indie noises and some of the more popular acts like Bloc Party and other recognizables. Some random stranger decided to...