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Wu (Hu) Lyf - a Band that Thrives on Being Strange

Wu (Hu) Lyf – a Band that Thrives on Being Strange

When I discovered the mysterious group known as Wu LYF, I immediately thought this was the missing bridge for post-rock: adding vocals to driven instrumentals with a contemplative tone. It’s not really post-rock, but the guitar spells echo-orchestration-galore. And its nice and layery that gives it a complete and powerful motion that bands like Saxon...
October Playlist: Tardy Jams

October Playlist: Tardy Jams

This is coming out a bit later than expected. But imagine you are positioned in time by four days ago. The tone this month would elicit dancing in the midst a hurricane, then suddenly choking on your favorite candybar from hyperactivity. And here goes: October Playlist by mox&fodder There was an error this month! Sorry...