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Wu (Hu) Lyf - a Band that Thrives on Being Strange

Wu (Hu) Lyf – a Band that Thrives on Being Strange

When I discovered the mysterious group known as Wu LYF, I immediately thought this was the missing bridge for post-rock: adding vocals to driven instrumentals with a contemplative tone. It’s not really post-rock, but the guitar spells echo-orchestration-galore. And its nice and layery that gives it a complete and powerful motion that bands like Saxon...
Active Child in Female Form?

Active Child in Female Form?

As we get further away from the 80s, we get more music that draws from it. And it’s usually hit or miss. So I will cut to the chase and let you know that Zola Jesus’ Sea Talk is quite the synthed ballad of pure retro-electro chamber pop. And why does Active Child get mentioned...
"The XX Gon' Give it to Ya" Delivers

“The XX Gon’ Give it to Ya” Delivers

The Hood Internet mashup, “The XX Gon’ Give it to Ya,” is a mash made in heaven.  It is the perfect blend of DMX and The XX on so many levels.  Not only does it offer an amusing play on words, but The XX instrumentals also blend in perfectly with DMX’s harsh voice.  The song...
Environmental Typography in Motion with Softlightes and Kris Moyes

Environmental Typography in Motion with Softlightes and Kris Moyes

This great stop-motion music video for the song “Heart Made of Sound” is a delightful pairing of music with the lyrics visually composing the music video visuals. It is a synchronized animation of type and other animated effects, like the drum-beat paper toss introduction. The music is charming. The singer has got a voice similar...

Coincidental Rap: T-Pain Soundalikes Snatching People Up

“Obviously,” the infamous autotune digitally enhances the musical qualities of sound, and the Gregory Brothers invaded Youtube with it. Auto-tuning is most effective for transforming voices into electronic singers, but it could be used for anything, such as a national news segment of Antoine Dodson’s account of a rapist in Lincoln Park. The autotune effect...
Review of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs"

Review of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Arcade Fire’s 2010 album, The Suburbs, is a truly delightful piece of musical drama.  It takes the band in a refreshing direction by leaving out the orchestration that was evident in Neon Bible. While Neon Bible had a power to it, the newest album steers in a more melancholic direction,...