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November Turkey Tunes

November Turkey Tunes

Apparently we were too busy stuffing our faces with turkey to upload our monthly tune recommendations for November.  Then finals came along, and then our…okay no more excuses.  The point is, we were bad.  If you will forgive us, please take this rocking playlist as a token of our apology. Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young)...

Mistakes Make Music (free album)

The following is a review by the author of the album- Mistakes Make Music. Bolie Folke (his real name is undisclosed) was kind enough to let me post his biographical account of the recording below: Today I made an album ready for the public to download using the one-man-band name of Bolie Folke. It’s a...

Uncommon and Custom Instruments

Odd music requires odd instruments. This website has a ton of pictures of old instruments you won’t see in an American pop group. There are also experimental hybrid musical instruments and information behind them. Most of them are probably too rare for my price range, but I can try to make my own Cigar Box...

Talk About Hat Hair

Here’s a funny article about a guy whose hat is his own hair. Click to read this hilarious news story.

Under Ease

If you’re ever in that awkward place and need to pass gas, I have found a solution for you. Under Ease is the leading product of fart-repelling underpants. Under-Tec’s slogan for these original underwear items are “Relieve the pain without the shame.” Who can resist with the 30-day Guarantee, where if ya blow through ’em,...