Besides some of the more popular blog enhancements, like a tag cloud, quicktags for comments, and instant page translation, I’ve had a few hidden gems that passing visitors might not be aware of. I like adding the small personal touches:

CSS styled Text Selection
Not many people change the selection (user-highlighted text) to match their design. I thought it was just another thing that makes sense to keep consistent.

Custom scroll icon
A firefox-only easter egg will be found if you click your scroll wheel (the middle button). Don’t roll the wheel, just press and you’ll see a different icon, colored to fit my web layout. In the screenshot, the icon is near the center of the page, colored with green arrows and a semi-transparent black circle.

A bit of advice for IE
Internet Explorer (even the latest version) bugs me because of its bugs, security, lack of web standards support, and a few other reasons. I’ve added a little “alert bar” for those who use IE (with the help of conditional comments in the source code). Screenshot:

Faviconized external links
Not so hidden, but cool nonetheless. For every link that leaves my domain, there is a graphical favicon of their logo or symbol. If they don’t have one, it defaults to a custom made icon () that implies “Hey, this is a different site.” I also made matching icons for links to media files (), downloads (), and comments (). Javascript tip to CSS Guy