Free DL: experimental pop thingy [Egg&I]

I admire things that are a bit raw or have a sense of unrest from being unfinished. The post-Replacements output from Paul Westerberg (which I’m a fan of) is chock-full of one-take fleeting moments captured in sound. And it occurs with live performances, tape recorders from someone’s basement, and when an underground artist throws his… Continue reading Free DL: experimental pop thingy [Egg&I]

Smart Append to id3 tag in iTunes for Mac

After searching for some multi-tagging solutions for iTunes, I was able to make my own script to get “smart” appends and prepend capabilities to any tags for selected mp3s in my library. My free applescript (download below) is based off of Doug’s basic append to tag feature, but is customized to add a tag only… Continue reading Smart Append to id3 tag in iTunes for Mac

Beach House’s 2012 single “Lazuli”

Beach House’s new release is a month away from being released, but I caught this track available in the German version of Amazon. It’s more layered and polished than earlier songs they’ve done in that it’s less of the lo-fi and more atmospheric studio sound with added production. It’s still dreamy, bright, and contemplative- staying… Continue reading Beach House’s 2012 single “Lazuli”

Best Songs of 2011

One of the best parts of a year ending is the numerous year end countdowns.  So without further adieu, here is our countdown of the top 21 songs of 2011. 21. The Joy Formidable- Austere Think of a Tegan & Sara voice and a chunkier guitar and you get this great track from The Joy… Continue reading Best Songs of 2011

Wu (Hu) Lyf – a Band that Thrives on Being Strange

When I discovered the mysterious group known as Wu LYF, I immediately thought this was the missing bridge for post-rock: adding vocals to driven instrumentals with a contemplative tone. It’s not really post-rock, but the guitar spells echo-orchestration-galore. And its nice and layery that gives it a complete and powerful motion that bands like Saxon… Continue reading Wu (Hu) Lyf – a Band that Thrives on Being Strange

Ragtime: A Century Ahead

Ragtime and hot jazz is finally making a comeback. The 1910s-1930s has often been an ignored era for American music. Oldies radio skips right past the roaring period of flappers, prohibition, and the dust bowl era- instead playing an 80s song plays on the “good times” station. Recently, shows like Boardwalk Empire have started to… Continue reading Ragtime: A Century Ahead

Madeon – “Pop Culture” (Dance Video)

Madeon’s song “Pop Culture” is a dancy number that reminds me of Ratatat’s “Wildcat” with the roar sample. Plus, its got a mashup vibe with all the sampling of vocals and whatnot. I am pretty picky with my electronic-inspired selections, so this one doesn’t disappoint. Check out the goofy dance moves from a tall and… Continue reading Madeon – “Pop Culture” (Dance Video)

Active Child in Female Form?

As we get further away from the 80s, we get more music that draws from it. And it’s usually hit or miss. So I will cut to the chase and let you know that Zola Jesus’ Sea Talk is quite the synthed ballad of pure retro-electro chamber pop. And why does Active Child get mentioned… Continue reading Active Child in Female Form?

Music Crush: Alex Winston

Lately we can’t get enough of Alex Winston.  From her incredible Take Away Show to the many remixes of her catchy tunes, it seems like Alex is everywhere, and we like it.  You can download the Star Slinger remix of Sister Wife here.  Feel free to check out some of our favorite Alex Winston videos… Continue reading Music Crush: Alex Winston

Spotify is now American! Get it Free in the US.

After getting a passport to travel internationally into the states by the way of sizable financial backing, Spotify is going public for its hyped music services in the USA. As of the 2nd week of July, 2011, it requires an invitation, a good Klout score, or a purchase of the non-free accounts. Spotify seems quite… Continue reading Spotify is now American! Get it Free in the US.

Top 15 Sources for Live Indie Sessions (mp3s + Videos)

It’s a pleasure when artists give new treatments to their compositions, or a new setting reveals  surprising twist in a song. That’s the charm of following a band- admiring their writing as well as their performances. Besides concerts, that’s where ephemeral sessions come to play. You’ve come here because you need to download the best… Continue reading Top 15 Sources for Live Indie Sessions (mp3s + Videos)