Rock and roll, blues, punk, alternative, and people over and under the age of 21 fit in the desert. There should be no discrimination for musical performances, and that’s what I am trying to do here. If you want to know what’s going on in the music scene of Tucson, Arizona, check out this list of venues, organizations, and online calendars. Some upcoming show listings are for 21 and over, but I tried to focus on sites that accept anybody, like friendly places that will list church happenings such as contra dancing.

Places, Venues, Concert Halls:

Rialto Theatre is a theater that houses plenty of shows. Before the present, it used to be the place for silent films and vaudeville acts since the 1920s. It has a pretty cool history.

The Living Room plays your local acts and mostly indie rockers.

Skrappys is going through some changes, but they used to have some amazing shows from underground and more well-known artists.

Solar Culture. I haven’t actually been there, but I hear it’s good. Their myspace has an easy view of dates and artists, or you can check out Solar Culture’s schedule on their website, which includes pictures and links to the bands playing.

There also seems to be a decent number of events at Javalinas coffee shop.


BeeThere has an easy to see list of some of the more popular concerts as well as Pollstar.

Myspace can find shows in the Tucson area and you can even set a distance from your zip code. You can catch those hard to find shows that aren’t advertised. This is convenient, but anybody can post a show if they have an artist account. I’d advise you confirm that the shows are still occurring and that the info is correct by doing a search or messaging the people that posted it.

Local Radio KXCI has a calendar with a nice amount of information about each event.

Tucson Weekly has news of music events mainly from restaurants and bars, but also at other venues.

Tucson Citizen has their own display of local music.

Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association (TKMA) has a folk music calender for you folks. They also bring you the Annual Tucson Folk Festival.

Tucson Friends of Traditional Music has older-fashioned special events around Tucson.

Tucson Jazz Society tells you where live jazz is playing.


If you feel inclined to take a longer drive for your favorite band, you can check out concerts at Modified Arts and Marquee Theatre in Phoenix. Ticketmaster doesn’t have local listings for Tucson, but they combine events mostly from Phoenix, Arizona.

Check and see if bands you know are touring and if they are stopping in town. Official websites normally will tell you if they are hitting a stage near you.