What would life be like if you constantly were confronted by your immediate self? A better memory, maybe. By providing instant feedback, I think we’d be self-aware of everything. The repetition would at least for a time make us think more about what we are doing. If you were always reflected back to your consciousness, it would reinforce what actions you make. It would be like a mirror of the self. You would always agree. You may be annoyed at the duplicity, but it may later be blocked out like many other things we knock out of our focus. You could develop an outside perspective as others would see you.

As a figurative experiment, you could “talk to yourself” via an instant message program such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, or others. Add yourself as a buddy on your list (You should be friends with yourself anyway). If you don’t have the heart to add yourself as a friend, then you have issues about your self-worth. You are better than that. Now gather the courage to send yourself a greeting. Try to react to yourself. Realize what it feels like. You will learn something. It adds to your thinking time, by unfamiliar repetition and deeper evaluation. It does seem like there is a threshold or a limit to how deep you can go. You can’t lie to yourself to embellish things. You can develop imaginary situations. You can’t surprise yourself too much. You can quasi-surprise yourself if you are perceiving at a rate slower than your conversation. If anything it will show you how much easier it is to talk to someone who isn’t you. Unpredictability and additional sources of information make conversations go forward and can strike up forgotten knowledge that was hidden from your conscious memory.