A friend of mine pointed me to a site of underground songs of Elliott Smith. As some unreleased tracks later came out on official products, some other rarities have been cut to stay out of RIAA’s way. There is a heaping helping of mp3s waiting for enthusiasts of this guy all for free. I admit I don’t have much experience with Mr. Smith (I don’t have any o’ his records). For some reason I link this guy with Jeff Buckley. They both died, Jeff found missing while in a river and Elliot of alleged self-inflicted knife stab to the chest. Jeff- 1997; Elliott- 2003. Their sounds aren’t identical, but most compatible. I also don’t have any Buckley records. I only know about them both from casual listens and reading about them. So there’s also a personal connection I make due to the distance of my admiration. Funny thing is I’m not crazy about both of them, but I don’t mind their sound either. I haven’t heard enough of Elliott Smith to make a decision just yet.

The demos are average quality from the site. Each file is zipped individually so you have to unzip every file (which is a hassle unless you have a download manager and an archive unzipper that can handle batch extraction).