Most people know the guitar driven riff of “Misirlou” from Pulp Fiction, and others know it as being a song played by all the hot surf bands with Dick Dale being the first in the wave of ’60s bands. The truth is it goes way back at least to the 1920s. Michalis Patrinos is said to have performed the rebetiko in 1927, and a recording exists from around 1930. Richard Spotwood’s Ethnic Music on Records, Volume 3: Eastern Europe lists a recording by Tetos Demetriades for Victor in 1927. [source]

Across wikipedia and other sites are several versions of the song:

Tetos Dimitriadis unknown date, possibly 1927.
Michalis Patrinos about 1930.
Other later recorded mp3s at the end of this post. (same as above source link)
US Air Force Band The Strolling Strings, 2004. (other unrelated mp3s to check out too)