I have become a convert of nasal irrigation. Pour isotonic solution into one side of your nose and it flows out of the other nostril. It sounds weird, it looks weird, and it is weird. But it does wonders at clearing out your sinuses and feels more effective than simply blowing your nose. Apparently it’s like brushing your teeth to some people. It’s a regular thing!

I started out trying this out at home with a sippy cup and salt water. It didn’t work out so well. The sippy cup was not designed for nasal insertion, unless you have a curvy sippy-cup-shaped nose. I was still interested because my allergies were yelling at my nose (on and off runny and congested). I went to the store and picked up a neti pot that came with some premixed baking soda/salt for use in the water.

Don’t worry, doctors approve its practice. Just breathe out of your mouth and not out of your nose or else you may get that awkward sensation like when in a pool and water goes in the wrong places. You will not drown though.

I invite you to be part of the schnoz-flushing community. Flood your smeller with this anti-trendy activity. I’m sure you’ll love the water slide…