You can get the printer driver offline easily!

I know this is petty, but I find it humorously bothersome (not really though) when someone says “You can preorder Aqualung’s new album Words & Music offline.” So I can order by phone or reserve one through the postal service because it is offered OFFline? Disconnect your modem! The internet is not required. There is a trick going around the not on but off of the internet showing a hack to access offline (no cache required). ISPs have been a scam all these years. We don’t need to suffer speeds of dial-up or even cable internet services. And forget local disk space; everything can be stored remotely offline.

Maybe I’m wrong though. It’s possible the use of “offline” is meant to remove items from the internet.

You can get firefox offline.

In this example, the user is trying to say you can delete firefox from the internet so nobody can download and install it from the Mozilla website. This strategy is like a takedown of a website that will give you a 404 Error when visiting reliable sites such as