Just when you thought Google was satisfied with search simplicity, it now has another way of mining data on a massive scale, hopefully to improve the results of their searches. I just stumbled across this in the morning, and I’m not sure if this is a permanent public module or not. There are two new buttons next to each search entry, Promote and Remove. There’s even a new commenting bit for every single result. I’m a little weary to jump in on all of this though. Do I really need to manually weed through results to get what I want in the future?

If you choose to participate by clicking those links (must have a Google account), they offer this warning:

Customize your search results with your rankings, deletions, and notes — plus, see how other people using Google have tailored their searches.

Please remember that your SearchWiki notes will be visible to other users, identified with your Google Account nickname.

You will also see this on the bottom of the page:

See all my SearchWiki notesSee all notes for this SearchWiki

You can apparently add results, but who knows if this will contribute to the overall pagerank of sites or if this is just a local addition. If the latter, which I think it is, it is pointless unless you need to ask google the same questions all the time.