This great stop-motion music video for the song “Heart Made of Sound” is a delightful pairing of music with the lyrics visually composing the music video visuals. It is a synchronized animation of type and other animated effects, like the drum-beat paper toss introduction.

The music is charming. The singer has got a voice similar to Connor Oberst. The Softlightes hail from California, and give a hint of west coast pop that is fitting with the visuals. The trilling piano is probably my favorite touch.

The video is sometimes a bit abrupt, with the video frames being too quick to catch the lettering at times, but there are some really great experiments with with various materials that make up the words. The visualizations of sound are really great at 1:47. Kris Moyes has made a handful of videos for some decent musical acts.

The free mp3 is up for grabs here and at better propaganda.

The Softlightes-Heart Made of Sound