There aren’t quite 347 exercises listed here yet, but there could be if you considered all the variations to each exercise, and if you added to the list yourself.

Plenty of weight lifters try to swoon the ladies with their sexy bod, but in my opinion that is one of the least important benefits of exercise. Exercise is important. It minimizes laziness, helps you feel better, and keeps you healthy. Whether you want to save some money or just stay in shape, follow this guide and adjust it to your liking. I sporadically exercise, so this will help me as much as it will for you. These exercises are beneficial for both men and women. I tried to focus on exercises that will make anyone get stronger and add muscle. Fat loss will definitely occur, but it will not be a localized reduction, which is impossible (e.g. 1000 crunches won’t get rid of belly fat, but will reduce overall body fat). There are also cardiovascular or aerobic exercises which are good for toning, and strengthening the circulatory system, as well as potential weight loss.

Do these exercises at your own risk. If you are unsure on how to do things safely, you may want to find a trainer or get some guidance from a gym or someone you know. Don’t overexert yourself and start out slow. Stretch out! Nobody likes soreness.

Cardio Exercises
Do one or more for a total of 5-15 minutes to get your blood flowing and increase your heart rate before doing the strength exercises.

-jog, in place or outside
-run up/down stairs
-jump rope, or skip
-jumping jacks
-jump on a trampoline
breakdancing, or other dance types that use quick movements.
-stretch your arms out and rotate them, small or wide circles, clockwise & counter, like a hurricane. I hope you like my quick illustration sketches.

Strength and More
Fist against bicep press: Pretend you are curling a weight, and take your other hand and press it into your curling hand with a fist. Try to continue the curl, but apply maximum pressure with your fist as though you are trying to push through it. Press as hard as you can for about ten seconds, and repeat until it feels as though you “maxed out.”

Hand clasped chest press: hold your hands together as though you are going to arm wrestle yourself. Keep your arms parallel to the floor and make a diamond shape with your elbows slightly bent. Then push both hands against each other with full force. This is an isometric exercise like the previous one.

Push-ups: If you aren’t keen about the previous exercise, you can do pushups, one handed, hands close together, or a plyometric push-up (an explosive push so your hands go off the ground), and plyometric with an added clap while in midair.

Abdominal flex: Sit or stand, and flex your abs for about 8 seconds with as much force as you can stand. The flex works best after you inhale or just before exhaling.

Crunches: Again, if you don’t like the previous exercise or want to switch things up, you can do crunches. Don’t do old-fashioned sit-ups because they can be bad for your back. Besides standard crunches, try twisting to work your obliques. Be sure to do the next exercise if working your abdomen, because you need to keep you back strong too.

Back hyperextensions: This usually requires a big machine to do. You can do something similar on the floor at home. Lying on your stomach with arms stretched out, lift one arm and the opposite leg off the ground by a few inches. Hold for a few seconds. Don’t lift too high and overextend your back.

Twisted one-arm raise: On your stomach, arms bent with hands near your head as if you are saluting, raise one elbow up on one side with a twist and hold for a few seconds.

hip raise/pelvic lift: This might not look so good if you have bystanders watching you. Supposedly, it’s called the “belly blaster.” It strengthens the lower back. I found the image on google images. If the author wants it taken off regardless of fair use, I’ll gladly do so.

reverse pushup: Watch the video to see a demonstration.

Speed bag arm rotation: spin your fists around each other, as if you are punching a speed bag used for boxing. Pretend you are in a Rocky movie or Cinderella Man.

Arms “say no” crossover: With arms straight (no elbows bent), move your arms horizontally in opposite directions, as if you are a referee making a call. Consider this exercise an answer to the question “Do you want to be weak?” No!

Fake punches: Self-explanatory, punching thin air or soft object that you are willing to beat up. A good stress reliever if you are angry. It works well while hopping around as if you are in a boxing match.

Military drop: I don’t know if it has an official name. Start out standing up. Squat down, fall into plank (push-up) position by kicking your legs out, jump back up on your feet and into the starting position. (Update: These are also called burpies. See the animation)

Calf raise: Just get up on your toes. Try it on one foot.

Squats: Bend down with knees bent, back straight, knees stay behind toes.

Some of these exercises can be made harder by adding weights but you can use pseudo-weights: gallon bottles of water, milk, or whatever has a handle.

Extra activities (with ordinary household items you might have at home)

Go up/down stairs. Requires stairs.

Jump rope.

Requires Stationary Chair (no wheels or swiveling): Put your hand on the seat of the chair while facing away from the chair with your back vertical and facing the chair. Lower and raise yourself with your arms. It works your triceps (variations: one handed; leg up)

reverse hyperextension: Use something that is elevated and stable that you can grab at one end and have your legs dangle off at your hips, such as a counter top or secure bed. Lie on your stomach with your legs hanging over the edge and lift your legs until they are parallel. If there is not enough room, then you can always bend your knees.

Outside the home (and still without a gym fee)

Do some chores by mowing the lawn

Sprint, run (or jog in place)

Ride a bicycle

swim (a bath tub is too small)

Chin ups (use a swing set or other horizontal bar)

Yoga and Stretching
Yoga is not very effective for strength training, but it will stretch you out and calm you down. You don’t have to do any meditation or weird chants. Just do the maneuvers. I’m no yogi guru, but there are some good postures to do.

It’s also a good idea to change your routine so you don’t get bored. Your muscles need rest so you don’t overexert them. Give them a break and work on different exercises for at least 24 hours.