I have always wished I had the skills to dance like b-boys. Breakdancing is the only dancing that I actually would be interested to learn. I like the innovative moves and the strength required. When it comes to traditional dancing, I have no experience. I have three left feet. But I have tried a few breakdance moves, but I am nowhere close to good. This flash presentation [updated link] actually inspired me to bust out and make some space on my floor to lay down some moves when I first saw it. Only the basics are shown, but even these little dance steps wore me out. I was sweating up a storm, begging for water, and yearning for the ability to flawlessly perform them. I haven’t gotten any better since, but I thought I’d share a decent interactive dance tutorial video. Don’t forget to play some upbeat jams to pump you up.

If the link doesn’t work, try looking for the presentation on this page.