There is little buzz going on about redirecting to AOL Search. If you are unfamiliar with singingfish, it is a multimedia search engine launched in 2000 that has one of the best databases of many mp3s and other audio and video formats. The only info I found about the domain redirection was that AOL has laid off all singingfish employees (AOL in fact bought out singingfish in 2003) and it will no longer be supported, if not completely vanish from the internet. Something I stumbled on while seeing if there was a workaround for the redirect, I realized that the search page is still hosted beyond the main directory of the domain at and I have no clue how long it will stay up, but you can still access the search results as of now.

Update: As of February 14, all links are redirecting, which means there is no way to search singingfish. There are other mp3 search engines, but none quite as good as this one was- not to mention how horrible AOL’s regular audio search is. Come back to this site soon for a list of new mp3 search engines.