Caffeine, the worlds #1 consumed psychoactive drug, can stone your consciousness with irritability, dysphoria, and mania when used improperly; but when in moderation, you can review those TPS reports without falling asleep, jitter and shake to the latest dances, put your brain in the fast lane, and be buzzed without a hangover.*

*One may actually alter neural responses (antagonizing adenosine receptors, resulting in increased activity of dopamine; also increasing levels of epinephrine/adrenaline) which builds a tolerance to caffeine which causes withdrawal when intake is decreased.

Coffee has been popular around the world for hundreds of years, and espresso, latte, and cappucino is popular today. Espresso is highly concentrated, and depending on the quantity and other factors, a regular shot of espresso can contain approximately twice the caffeine content per volume as a mug of brewed coffee. Some suggest that the psychoactive properties of coffee is more than just caffeine, but not much evidence goes to support whether coffee is generally good or bad for your health overall. Caffeine remains legal as opposed to other drugs, except for limiting or banning sales of caffeinated soda at some public schools. Another interesting, but debatable finding is the relative addictiveness of drugs; caffeine doesn’t do too good.

See more drugged spiderwebsWhat is a psychoactive drug? Coffee, alcohol, cocaine and cannabis are listed among the few examples on wikipedia’s entry on the subject. They’re chemicals that play around with your central nervous system; they alter brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior. Like alcohol, nicotine, and antidepressants, caffeine readily crosses the blood brain barrier, the pathway that gives access to the brain. Sounds like a trippy experience, huh? Well, I’m not Mormon, nor do I advocate making such drugs illegal. In fact, I’d even say that music is a psychoactive drug because it can change your mood and your awareness to your surroundings. But maybe everyone should look in context with everything from cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, sex, and food, which can all be strong vices in the hands (or minds) of someone who can’t control it. I’m looking at the plank in my own eye, and I hope everyone including me can start seeing things straight.