Time is hard to find. Worthwhile knowledge is tangled in time. So what are my plans for you loyal readers? I’m working on the most valuable list that will end all lists. It will be ready in a while. I want to make sure it’s easy and accurate. The topic: music. And don’t worry– it will be worth the wait.

Yesterday I watched a documentary: Salivador Dali – Genius Or Madman
Below is just a 5-minute sample. I’m not about to download another video player by Veoh just to watch this in its entirity, so I went over to a video downloader site for youtube, myspace, dailymotion, etc. If you follow my lead and grab this video, be sure to save the file with a .flv extension or it won’t play. The .FLV file is playable in VLC media player. For some odd reason, scrolling through the video didn’t work, but you can rewind and fast forward with the buttons.

(Whew! This is my first time embeding video from veoh and it barely fits the width of my layout.)

So is he a genius or a madman? I’d say a bit of both. He had much talent and contributed to a new form of art. He was also out of sync with accepted culture. Everyone needs a little madness to keep from going completely insane. It’s up to you to decide if he crossed the line.