The year is about through and I’d like to scan through the past of I’m usually the person who scolds other site for doing “This Month’s Best Posts Roundup,” but this is slightly different. In over a year of doing this blog, I’ve never put myself in an egocentric position and said “Internet users can’t get enough of me. Instead of being more useful I’ll just repeat myself.” Au contraire my friends. It is my hope that you do not have to suffer through recycled material. Nobody cares for used underwear, and that’s where I don’t come in… There does come a time, though, when things get overlooked especially when I first started this site and nobody really saw it. I’m not a fan of number crunching accounting type stuff, so I like to keep non-fun math out of things. That’s why I’ll skim through some of the pages that get a lot of traffic without getting statistical, and I’ll jump into some pages that haven’t received any recognition and give some background to my madness.

Most Popular

Arbitrarily choosing the first 6 with the most hits this month.
This is my most popular page, offering a treasure trove of days of music listening, with hours spent on finding something for everybody. I still update this, but tend to add good finds in new separate posts. This should be your first stop if you want to expand your collection without googling through useless garbage.

Oddly enough, this lists 11 search engines or searchable music-file-crawling sites. The better ones are listed at the bottom, and a few that I already knew of but forgot have been posted in comments. G2P, for example is a pretty good choice similar to my #10 selection. I made this because my old favorite music search engine died.

OK, so it’s a little over a year since this came to be, but this is a lifespan recap. I’m glad people are searching for this and finding it. People are not always lazy! If you have a room that won’t fit sports equipment or exercise machines, or you just don’t want to pay a gym to use sweaty equipment- Try a few of these exercises. I try to do these on occasion. Since then, I’ve got an exercise ball that is both good for light to moderate exercise and strengthens core muscles for those with back problems. I wrote this to consolidate exercises I knew of. I knew if I didn’t do this, I’d forget to. And I needed some self-inspiration to stay active more often.

A short and pointless post expressing my liking for the designs made for some of these shirts. It beats me why of all pages this had to be popular. Blame Google for making this rank the 5th domain spot on a search for “threadless clothing.”

A guide of advice for acne sufferers of all ages. Just clean your face at least once a day (preferable twice a day), apply Benzoyl Peroxide to affected or potentially affected areas and leave it on to dry. Then apply acne-safe (not pore clogging) lotion to keep skin in shape. When I was younger, I did a bunch of research on treatments, and this came on top.

The XP/2000/Vista version of Applescripts. Basic, but effective javascript-based tools to create playlists, adjust data that would otherwise be impossible without hacking iTunes. Makes iTunes do a few more things. I created this post as a test to explore scripting that I wasn’t familiar with; Plus I use iTunes.

Personal Faves:

Seven more that didn’t make the list that I find are just as enjoyable, if not as helpful to me.

This one is getting popular, but doesn’t make a top spot. A handful of great mini-tools for keeping music tags in line. Works for iTunes or any other player that’ll read id3 or tags from mp4 or any other filetype. I use these for my own use often and figured they would benefit others.

If you’re a jokester like me, you like fooling people or pulling a leg or two. Humor is medicine for the frowney clowney. It’s the next best thing next to exercising. Use my recordings, or develop your own hilarious greetings on your telephone machine. Also includes the funniest prank call ever. This one was a quick idea I had when recording a personal message for my cellphone. Maybe others will contribute their creations.

The full 5 step solution for starting a collection of mp3s or lossless whatevers. Doing a little research will fine-tune a perfect collection. Find out where to listen to samples, get recommendations, and figure out most favored albums or popular songs. Even get tips on how to shop wisely, use amazon to sort buried deals, split secret tracks, tweak volume levels, powertagging options, and final personalization.

Voices are awesome. They have a vocal quality about them as well as a musical one. Unique voices are common, but a few stand out. This list is a good one, with audio clips or video for most of the contestants. I took a while to remember some of the people’s names here, but I got it done.

A compiled list of mainly indie (but recognizable) mp3s from and it is only available here in this quick and simple format. Be sure to visit betterPropaganda to check out legel downloads that get updated about once every week.

Freeware addons and complimentary programs that strenthen iTunes. Many people dislike iTunes (it seems like the most popular music player though) and these fixes might bring haters back. I’m not an Apple fanboy, but iTunes does the most of what I want while other players lack minor features that outdo the benefits.

This is not popular, but it should be. You can listen to a million songs, but they are DRMed (wmv). You can unDRM them yourself risking violating the Terms, but even having a huge library to listen to on WMP or the Ruckus Player anytime you want is fantastic. The catalog is extensive going back to blues and oldies like the eMusic catalog, but also includes big, BIG name artists. Think of all the iTunes artists, that’s close to what Ruckus has.