Cover art just release for the album which is self-titled, along with a title track. The song is the only publicly performed on this record as heard on Colbert Report and played for some recent live shows.

This could be a cover for a potential single?

The tracklist came out too:

  1. Wilco (the song)
  2. Deeper Down
  3. One Wing
  4. Bull Black Nova
  5. You And I
  6. You Never Know
  7. Country Disappeared
  8. Solitaire
  9. I’ll Fight
  10. Sonny Feeling
  11. Everlasting Everything

Included on the new LP is a duet with Feist, and that’s the track “You and I.” The whole CD should be ready for the masses on June 30, 2009. And guess what? The album leaked. And Wilco responded by allowing streaming from their homepage.