Owen and Carl Broemel. These guys go well together, and they are both haven’t seen much fame compared to other things they’ve been involved in. I don’t think there is any known relationship between the two, but they would make a great split album together. And they’d do a fine job of making a smooth back-to-back playlist session.

Owen is a solo project of one of the members of Cap’n Jazz and American Football. I admit that I haven’t heard enough of these bands, but I’ve heard the album At Home With Owen for free through the broke-but-music-loving-slut’s-dream known as Ruckus Network. Too bad there aren’t albums of the other bands on there though. Anyway, Owen has a sound that is easy on the ears. His discography is pleasurable all around and sultry for the plaintive down-and-outers and the jolly giants.

And then there is My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel soft acoustic jams.

Musical Family Tree out of Indiana hosts the solo album of Carl Broemel who calls Indiana his home state. This blog made it easy to download it all at once if you don’t want to click each track to save it.