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Posts tagged "Bob Dylan"

Undiscovered Lyrics from the Basement Tapes

If you have your hands on the Basement Tapes bootleg, you will have a fragment of a song called “I’m Alright.” Below are the lyrics transcribed by me (most likely off a bit as Dylan is good at mumbling). Bob Dylan and the Band are playing here for about a minute. Possibly they ran out...

Black Swans are the Forrest Gump of Tom Waits

That’s the only way I can describe the chillingly odd voice of Jerry DeCicca, the singer for The Black Swans. The Black Swans borrow some of the Midwestern folk style with some extraordinary additions that make me say “Interesting.” The voice is like nothing I’ve heard. It’s not that it is so deep, it manages...

Meaning Language: Is it Meaningful?

Language is meaningful. So what? Meaning is to have purpose, intention, or significance. To signify is to be a sign to express or represent ideas or knowledge. Language can have meaning. But is there actually meaning in the previous sentence? What is Language? Language is transmission of thoughts and ideas through arbitrary symbols of speech,...