I’ve written a manuscript full of bizarre and experimental poems of about 80 small pages. I’d like people to read it if they are interested in a short, but interesting book. I’d let you download a .pdf file to read in Adobe reader. I’ll send it to anybody for free, but I would appreciate if you’d do any or all the following:

-Critique overall quality
-note favorite/least-liked poems
-notify of grammar or mistakes (although misspellings are probably intentional)
-general suggestions or comments

This way I get an amateur editor, and hopefully you get a nice read. I warn you it may be too strange for a normal reader of fiction, it is quite paradoxical. There are a few notes to self still in the book, but it is basically finished and readable. The reason I don’t post the download link on the website is because I don’t want just anyone taking my writings without me knowing about it. But I may release it to the general public anyway.

Just contact me if you want to read it or you are interested in publishing it.