I hate ripoffs and scams. When a real freebie comes along I am pleased. And I’d like to share a place that gives away 1 Compact Disc (or DVD) of your choice, including shipping. Granted it’s used and it has no case to cut down on shipping, I still enjoy the fact that I got a CD from the Cure at no cost. Plus I have no spam email from them after a few months of signing up.

What’s the catch? Nothing, except you need a credit card. They don’t charge you, but they use your CC# to temporarily charge $1 to make sure you are legitimate. They refund the dollar immediately as soon as your card validates. The other catch is you can only choose items that are 5 points or less (their currency system), meaning you can’t choose a deluxe box set of [Your Favorite Band]. How they make money I have no idea, but I’m liking the free music! I guess their business model is about gathering a community. The community sells their items at a point value (maybe to avoid taxes) and the business sends the seller all the tools to ship it. When someone buys your stuff you get the points (that you get to set). But with the link below you get 5 points without having to do any work. After you pick 1 free CD, any CD you get after that is $1 for shipping costs.

Get the Free CD