Copyright. Fair useEven after appearing on The OC TV program in 2004, The Walkmen are a band that that have succeeded in not receiving much popularity. They play a “new” old sound almost like the Strokes, but they incorporate some of the great sound of Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground. They borrow the Dylanized mannerisms and have that droning noisy pop sound typical of V.U.

Before the Walkmen, there existed Jonathon Fire*Eater. Three Walkmen members played in this band. They had a different singer, but the same garage rock. They originated from DC, but went to college in New York. JFE’s first album was released by a defunct label in Tucson, Arizona, called Third World Underground Records. They put out 4 more releases, all which are pretty hard to get a hold of at a decent price.

Things happened and the lead singer left to form the Ignobles and others in the band sculpted the Walkmen. There is free downloads to be had over at FreeIndie of what they sound like. NPR also has a concert that you can download.

Besides covering Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” on the cover album of John Lennon/Harry Nilsson’s Pussycats, and the other Pussycat covers, there is only one other song that I know they covered. “Another One Goes By” was played on their album A Hundred Miles Off and was written by Stolzfur of Mazarin. You can hear+download the original at the Mazarin Sounds page.

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