MySpace is a pain in the music if you are just looking to download and keep the songs. First off, there is no way to tell if someone has a downloadable song unless you pay attention to the shade of the link. Dark gray means it’s not available and black means it is enabled. This is absolutely inconvenient to distinguish a quarter shade difference. And there is no way to find artists that have downloadable songs until you visit their page.

To make things worse, I’ve had times when the download would timeout or get some silly error. Some people have no way of saving the mp3 link from the flash player. A workaround is to hit CTRL+S while it’s playing to save the mp3 even though it is streaming through the Quicktime browser plugin.

And when it gets saves as “full_26d950c6sdf68as6aa724b070.mp3,” you need to rely on id3 tags. Sometimes they don’t have any tag info. Thanks myspace for letting me download songs I have no idea of which one is which.

Now that I got my criticism out of the way, here is a list of artist’s myspace pages that “Allow users to download this song.” MySpace members may listen to and download these songs to their computer. By the time I made the list, some of the songs became unavailable, so do grab these as quick as you can. There are many more on myspace, but these are just some I casually came upon, and are listed here whether I like ’em or not.

Myspace downloads

  • Michael Knott – Huntington Beach, California – Alternative –
  • Bolie Folke – Long Island, New York – Folk / Blues / Experimental –
  • Artnoc Repus – America, Arizona – Acoustic / Folk / Americana –
  • The Black Keys – Akron, OHIO – Rock / Blues / Alternative – *FREE EP –
  • Kim Taylor – Visual / Folk / Comedy –
  • The Summer Wardrobe – AUSTIN, TEXAS – Psychedelic / Ambient / Southern Rock –
  • Steel Train – New Jersey – Rock –
  • salim nourallah – DALLAS, TEXAS – Indie / Pop –
  • Ronny Elliott – TAMPA, Florida – Country / Folk / Alternative –
  • Compuman Beings – UK – Electro / Alternative / Emotronic –
  • Dr. Ouch and the Medications – TUCSON, ARIZONA – Healing &
    Easy Listening / Punk / Comedy –
  • Central Services – SEATTLE – Pop / Powerpop / Indie –
  • The Similou – Gothenburg, SE – Pop –
  • The Apples in stereo – Denver – Indie / Powerpop / Psychedelic –
  • The Krontjong Devils – Oetstad, NL – Surf / Garage –
  • AQUEDUCT – SEATTLE, Oklahoma – Indie / Rock / Pop –
  • The Black – AUSTIN, TEXAS – Rock / Pop / Folk Rock –
  • Ian Moore – Seattle, Washington – Other / Other / Other –
  • Crimson Sweet – NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Punk / Glam / Powerpop –
  • el ten eleven – LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Showtunes / Showtunes / Showtunes –

Any of your findings are welcome here as well, so comment away.

If you need to download a song that has no download enabled, you can check out a way to download any song which I wrote about earlier.

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