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Let’s say you want to download all mp3 links listed here. After DownThemAll is installed, go to this page and right click in the black area of the layout to avoid clicking a link. Once you right-click, you should select the DownThemAll button. Add the below code to “Additional Filters,” and make sure “Reg. Exp.” (to the right) is checked. Better yet, save the code as a permanent filter in your preferences.

Filter Code: /\/[^\\]+\.(aac|m4a|ogg|wma|mp3)$/ or if you are having troubles “.mp3” (without quotes) should be accurate enough as a filter. A last solution would be to alter/copy an existing filter replaced with an “mp3” filetype.

Now for the good part. Instead of navigating threw hundreds of pages, how about going straight to the mp3s? Some folks made an epitonic m3u of all songs (no longer working), then another commentor crafted an .m3u list of Artists beginning with A–M from I went ahead and converted the m3u list into a clickable link fest with a bit of elbow grease plus my new-found regexp skills to do a little cleanup. I take no liability for how you use this. I intend this to be an educational example and only derived this from someone else’s compiling of such “fair use” links. The mp3s are totally free and legal, and in no way is it my goal to compete with them or scrape copyrighted content. I enjoy and support bP’s site so please be nice to them. Most likely you don’t want every mp3 here, so browsing the list and saving by hand is a good practice (and gentler on betterPropaganda).

The monster list of mp3 (A-M):

13 & God – Men of Station
302 Acid – Quest
31 Knots – A Void Employs A Kiss
33Hz – Digital Lover
396 – Done Wit 50
409 In Your Coffeemaker – Green Day
50 Foot Wave – Hot Pink Distorted
7L Esoteric – This Is War
Abandoned Pools – Armed To The Teeth
Abandoned Pools – The Catalyst
Aceyalone – Moonlit Skies
Aceyalone – Who The Fuck Is You
Adam Richman – Song 10
Adham Shaikh-Contellation (warp – time remix)
ADULT. – In My Nerves

Aeroc – Blue Eyed Bitter
Afrika Bambaataa – Got That Vibe
Afrika Bambaataa – Metal
Afro Mystik – Miracles
Afu-Ra – Sucka Free

Airborn Audio – Bright Lights
Album Leaf – Over the Pond
Album Leaf The – On Your Way
Aldo Vanucci – I Gotta Fever
Alex Attias Presents Mustang – Help Me
All Natural – Godspeed

All Night Radio – Daylight Till Dawn
Almandino Quite De Luxe – Absobloodylutely
Aloha – Summer Away
Ambulance LTD – Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
American Analog Set – Hard To Find
American Music Club – Another Morning
A Million Billion – Home Wisconsin
A Million Billion – Squid
Ammon Contact – Infinity Of Rhythm Instrumental
Amy Blaschke – Estranged
Amy Ray – Covered For You

Analog Birds – Is It Slowing Down
Ancient Greeks – Center
Anders Parker – Tell It To The Dust
Andrew Bird – Lull
Andrew Bird – Nervous Tic
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Mistakes And Regrets

Aneurysm – Torgo Loco (truncated version)
Angela Correa – Mercurial Heart
Angeles Drake – Forecast
Ani DiFranco – Origami
Ani Difranco – Studying Stones
Annie Hayden – Weather

Anom – So Its Come to This
Antony And The Johnsons – Hope Theres Someone
Antony and the Johnsons – You Are My Sister
Anubian Lights – andromeda skin
Anubian Lights – good morning spacegirl
Anubian Lights – new wildlife

Aphex Twin – Every DayArched maid Via RDJ
Aphotic – Crystallized
Aphotic – Free Me
Aphotic – Livid Dread
Aphotic – Vulnerable
Apollo Sunshine – Magnolia

Apollo Sunshine – Today Is The Day
Apostle Of Hustle – Kings And Queens
Appleseed Cast – Fight Song
Appogee – KDDR Mov. 3
Approach – Hey Yall
Aqueduct – Growing Up With GNR

Aqui – As The Blade Dips Down
Aqui – Please Send Love
Aqui – Roll
Arab Strap – Who Named The DaysX
A Race Of Angels – We
Arcade Fire – Neighborhood 2 Laika

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood 3
Arco – Lie
Argentine – Slumberside
Ariel Pink – Jules Lost His Jewels
Arizona Amp and Alternator – Bottom of the Barrel
Artson – Still Shining

Aspera – Mountains Will Give
Ativin – Double Back
Atombombpocketknife – Slow Gotten Gone
Audible – Sunday Bell
Audion – Raw Dog
Audion – Rubber

Augie March – Song In The Key Of Chance
Autechre – LCC
Autistic Daughters – Jealousy and Diamond
AWOL One and Daddy Kev – The Unwanted
Azeem – Birth Right First
Azeem – Break it on Down

Azure Ray – If You Fall
Badawi – Battle Cry
Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block
Balanceman – Please Refuse the Ham Sandwich
Bangs – I Want More
Barbara Morgenstern and Robert Lippok – Please Wake Me For Meals

Battery Operated + Made – Phot
Battles-Ipt – 2
Beachwood Sparks – Drinkswater
Beans – Diamond Halo Grenade
Beat Pharmacy – Here To Go
Beatsystem – Alabama

Beatsystem – Tibet
Benjamin Diamond – Mr Fate
Benoit Pioulard – Kids Are Getting Younger
Benzos – Glass Souls
betterPodcast – December
betterPodcast – November

betterPodcast – October
betterPodcast – September
Bettie Serveert – Attagirl
Bigg Steele – Freeze
Big Tone – Come My Way
Bikini Kill – New Radio

Bill Laswell – Simulacra
Bill Laswell – Sospirando
BioChemical Dread – False Kings Of The Earth
Bitter Weeks – The End Lights
Blackalicious – Powers
Blackalicious – Your Move
Black Cat Music – The Jet Trash
The – Voiture En Rouge
Black Market Militia – Audobon Ballroom
Black Mountain – Druganaut
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Aint No Easy Way
Blaktroniks – My Word
BLD – Blighted Sump

BLD – Cyan Krilp Vipers
BLD – Skeletal Articulations
BLD – Tones In Red
Blockhead – Expiration Date
Bloc Party – Banquet
Blonde Redhead – Misery Is A Butterfly

The – Rescue
Blood of Abraham – Giant Midgets
Blood of Abraham – Omegaton
Bloodthirsty Lovers – The Mods Go Mad
Blue Ribbon – Eagles Fly
Blusom – Mayday
Blusom-X – Photo
Boards of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat
Bobby Conn – We Come In Peace
Boduf Songs – Grains
Books On Tape – Upon Rock City
Bookworm – Since I Met You

Bookworm – The Family Arsenal
Boom Bip – Last Walk Around Mirror Lake Boards Of Canada remix
Boom Bip – The Move
Boozoo Bajou – Mad Mouth Carter
Boozoo Bajou – Son of Tupelo
Born Against – Mt Dew

Brainiac – Flash Ram
Brainiac – Nothing Ever Changes
Bratmobile – Die
Brazilian Girls – Lazy Lover
Br. Danielson – Things Against Stuff
Breaker Breaker – Do Right Do Wrong

Breather Resist – A Social Workers Nightmare
Brendan Benson – Let Me Roll It
Brendan Benson – Spit It Out
Brent Gutzeit – Piano Motor Skills 2
Brian Jonestown Massacre – Seer
Brian Jonestown Massacre – She Made Me

Brian McBride – Our Last Moment In Song
Brian Wilson – Heroes And Villains
Brick Layer Cake – Once Upon A Skin
Bright Eyes – Devil Town
Bright Eyes – From A Balance Beam
Broadcast – Black Cat

Brokeback – Names Winston
Broken Social Scene – Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)
Broken Spindles – The Distance is Nearsighted
BrokerXDealer – Miss You
Brother El – Pay Close Attention
Brother El – The King Of 43rd

Buddy Miller – Don’t Wait‘t_Wait_128.mp3
Build An Ark – Love Is Our Nationality
Build Buildings – November
Build Buildings – Test Me
Burmese – Broken Legs Broken Face Blood Everywhere
Burmese – Bukkake Ongaku

Burning Image – Shadows
Burning Image – The Final Conflict
Burning Image – The Lower Walks
Butthole Surfers – 22 Going On 23
Butthole Surfers – Cowboy Bob
Butthole Surfers – Eindhoven Chicken Masque

Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
Butthole Surfers – I Hate My Job
Butthole Surfers-I Saw An X – Ray Of A Girl Passing Gas
Butthole Surfers – Mark Says Alright
Butthole Surfers – The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harveys Grave
Butthole Surfers – ToParter

Butthole Surfers – Whirling Hall Of Knives
Buzzcocks – Jerk
Cage – Scenester
Cage – Shoot Frank
Calamalka – Hear The Most
Caldwell – Intermission
Caldwell – Two Months Till Take Off
Calexico – Alone Again Or
Califone – Wingbone
Camera Obscura – Teenager
Camping – Sie Sagt
Candies – Basslines For Your Fucking Grave

Capn Jazz – Little League
Cappo – Grand Final
The – William Of Orange
Carlsonics – Icepeople
Carlsonics – Tonight We Dine On Fumes
Caroline – Wheres My Love (Magical Mix)
Carter Little – Kill My Darling
The – Charmichaels And Carpikes
Cassettes Wont Listen – Cutting Balloons
Cass McCombs – BobbyX King of Boys Town
Castanets – All That I Know To Have Changed In You
Castanets – Three Days Four Nights
Catastrofiks – Bring It Back

Catfish Haven – Please Come Back
Cat Five – On the Rise
Cat Power – He War
Cat Power – I DonXt Blame You
Cat Power – The Greatest
Cats and Jammers – What Do You Want

Caural – Shes Everywhere I Look
Caveh Zahedi – I Was Possessed By God
Cave In – Trepanning
Cavendish Sanguine – Bronze
CB Radio – Blue Skies
Cex – Friends Fall Down

Cex – Kill Me
Cex-Monster – Face Pills
Chachi Jones – Cowboy
Chad VanGaalen – Clinically Dead
Charalambides – Joy Shapes
Charalambides – Magnolia

Charlie Hunter Trio – Freedom Tickler
Che Arthur – Sunrise Motel
Chief Enablers – Are You Online
Chief Enablers – Whatcha Gonna Do
ChinaAir – Lucy Liu
Chin Up Chin Up – We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers

Christina Carter – Going Down
Chromatics – Ice Hatchets
Chromeo – Needy Girl
Chuck Prophet – Automatic Blues
Chuck Prophet – Storm Across The Sea
Circa Survive – Act Appalled

Clann Zu – From Bethlehem to Jenin
The – Tally Ho
Clear Horizon – For Days
Clem Snide – Al Green
Clem Snide – Fill Me With Your Light
Clinic – WDYYB
Clogs – Lantern Medley
CMA – Windows
CocoRosie – Good Friday
Cocorosie – Noahs Ark
Coley Cole – Goldplated Hustla
Color Wall – Just What I Needed

Colossus – The Tribute
Comet Gain – Just One More Summer Before I Go
Comet Gain – Skinny Wolves
Comets on Fire – The Antlers of the Midnight Sun
Communique – Perfect Weapon
Consequence – Niggas Get Knocked

Constantines – Love in Fear
Constantines – NighttimeXAnytime (ItXs Alright)
Converge – Conduit
Converge – Dead
Cordovan – Skinny Girl
Cornelius – Point Of View Point

Cousin Silas – Bug Lady
Crack Emcee – Democracy Sucks
Crack Emcee – Hoin For George
Crack Emcee – Pow
Crack Emcee – Raps Creation
Crack Emcee The – Desperate Measures

Crack Emcee The – Temporary Jigsaw
C-Rayz Walz – Blackout
Crebain – Legion
Crebain – Sorrow Of The Ancients
Criteria – Prevent The World
Crooked Fingers – Call To Love

Crown City Rockers – Another Day
Crown City Rockers – Balance
Crystalline – A Sigh Becomes a Thousand Trees
Crystal Skulls – Beat Me To It
Cursive – A Disruption In The Normal Swing of Things
Cursive – A Gentleman Caller

Cursive – Sucker and Dry
Cursive – The Recluse
Custom Made – Introduction 2 Tha Illest Function
Custom Made – Street Biz
Cut Copy – Future
Cuti Sadda – Pentagrams All Up In My Bling Bling

Cyne – Nothings Sacred
Da Beatminerz – Mafia Don feat Last Emperor
Dalek – Classical Homicide
Damien Jurado – Paperwings
Damon Aaron – All I Need
Dan Friel – Dead Batteries

Danger Mouse and Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life
Danger Mouse and Murs – Paint By Numbers
Danger Mouse and Zero 7 featuring MF Doom – Somersault
Daniel Johnston – Billions I Rock

Daniel Johnston – Funeral Girl
Daniel Johnston – Love Not Dead
Daniel Johnston – Syrup Of Tears
Daniel Johnston Trib-Impossible Love – DJ
Daniel Johnston Trib-Impossible Love – GG
Daniel Parker – Last Day In San Diego

Darkat – Channels
Darkhorse and Paulo Manuelle – Crash And Burn (Intro)
David Axelrod – Big B Plus
David Cross – Certain Leaders In Government Look Or Act Like Certian Pop Culture References
David Last – Cat Silver Live
David Last – Chiki Live

David Last – Secret Society
David Singer and the Sweet Science – Social Studies
David Thomas Broughton – Unmarked Grave (extract)
Dawn Smithson – Safer Here
DCFC – Title And Registration
Dead Low Tide – Barrel Vault

Dead Meadow – At Her Open Door
Dead Meadow – Good Moanin
Dean & Britta – Ginger Snaps
Dean Roberts – Disappearance On The Grandest Of Streets
Death From Above 1979 – Sexy Results

Death From Above – Romantic Rights
Decahedron – No Carrier
Deceptikon – Veracity
Decibully – Penny Look Down
Deep Thinkers – We Live In Kansas City and
Deerhoof – Milking

Deerhoof – Wrong Time Capsule
Del Cielo – My Suzanne
Delicate AWOL – Oklahoma Bombs
Del Rey – Dual Sun System
Delta 5 – Now That Youve Gone
Del – Times Up

Des Ark – Jesus Loves You (But Yr Still Comin Home With Me Tonight)
Despistado – A Stirsticks Prediction
Despistado – Burning House
Destroyer – Its Gonna Take An Airplane
Diamatregon – Blasphemy For Satan
Diamatregon – Death Comes Ripping

Diamond Nights – The Girls Attractive
Die Monitr Batss – Girls Of War
Dimlaia – Framework
Dimlaia – Hide The Sun
Dinosaur Jr – Freak Scene
Dios Malos – Feels Good Being Somebody

dios – You Make Me Feel
Dirty Faces – New Wicked Stepson
Dirty Three – Doris
Dirty Three – I Really Shouldve Gone Out Last Night
Dirty Three – Long Way To Go With No Punch
Diverse – Certified

Diversion Tactics – Joe Pesci
Dixie Pricks – Hot Rod Weekend
DJ Acucrack – Recalx
DJ Acucrack – Sniper Code (Exclusive betterPropaganda mix)
DJ Annie – Wedding (edit)
DJ Enso and Louis – High Spirits

DJ Harry – All My Life
DJ Muggs vs GZA – Advance Pawns
DJ Olive – Coonymus
dj rupture – Bonechip
dj rupture – Lonesome Side ft Lily
Dnell – Ive Read About (DJ Language)

Doctor Mix and the Remix – No Fun (Single Version)
DoF – A Warm Wall
Don Cabellero – June Is Finally Here
Don Cabellero – The Peter Criss Jazz
Don Paul – Your Body Rich As Night
Dosh – Naoise

Douglas Pagan-Kara Walker Var.32 – Domu Mix
Doveman – Honey
Doveman – Teacup
Draugar – Dust Chains Idiots
Draugar – The Slow Spiral
Dressy Bessy – Side 2

Dr Israel – The Doctor vs The Wizard
Drive By Truckers – DankoManuel
Dr Monokrome – FutureNegro Freestyle
Drop The Lime – Press Charges
Drug of Choice – Frozen
Drums and Tuba – Four Notes of April

Drums and Tuba – The Mummy
Dub Gabriel – Dis Song
Dubtribe Soundsystem – Do it Now
Dub Trio – Drive By Dub
Dufus – Civil War
Dykehouse – Signal Crossing

Dynamics Plus – Get It Right While I Write
Dynamics Plus – Ghost Of Machines
Dystopia – Hands That Mold
Dystopia – Sanctity
Dystopia – Stress Builds Character edit
Earthmonkey – Be That Charge

Earthmonkey – Flyover extract
Echo and the Bunnymen – Stormy Weather
Eddy Meets Yannah – Reach The Sky
Edie Sedgwick – Martin Sheen
Edward Ka-Spel – 8283
Edward Ka-Spel – Comedown

Edward Ka-Spel – Here Comes The Night
Edward Ka-Spel – Shanti
Eels – Jelly Dancer
Eikenskaden – 665999
Eikenskaden – Absolute Zero
The – Greetings In Braille
Electrelane – Bells
Electrelane – On Parade
Electric Company – Early Teeth
Electric Eels – Refrigerator
Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage!_High_Voltage_128.mp3
Eleventh Dream Day – Coercion

Eliot Lipp – Real Tragic
El Jefe – Reflected Deceptions
El Jefe – Weather Radio
Elliot Smith – Between The Bars
El Oso – Lions
Elysian Fields – Shooting Stars

Emanon – Pseudo
Emily Zuzik – Thats The Way
Emperor X – Right To The Rails
Emperor X – SFearion
Emperor X – The Citizens Of Wichita
Empress – Vodka and the Verlaines

Engine Down – Cover
Enon – Kanon
Enon – Shave
Entrance – Never Afraid
E Rock – Breaking Things
The – The Late Great Cassiopia
Et Sans – Lachose Nue
Evaporators – Addicted to Cheese
Evaporators – Nard Nest
Evaporators – Ripple Rock
Evening – Vivixc
Ex-Girl – Hellakorii No Ottokotou

ex Girl – Pretty You Ugly
Ex-Girl – Rocket Keronian
Eyeball Skeleton – Eyeball Skeleton
Falko Brocksieper – Valley Dive
Fall The – US 80s 90s
Features The – The Beginning Week One

Feersum Ennjin – Dragon
Felix Laband – Whistling In Tongues
Feller Quentin – Slim Poker Dog of Paintings
Film School – Activated
Firewater – The Beat Goes On
Flashlight Arcade – The Sun Never Shines On The Bowery

Fog – Were Winning
Foxgluv – Treats And The Tricka
Frank Black And The Catholics – Nadine
Frank Black – Monkey
Frank Jordan – Looked Around
Franklin Delano – Please Remember Me

Franklin Delano – Question
Frausdots – Dead Wrong
Freakwater – Hi Ho Silver
French Kicks – Down Now
Frequency The – YouXre The Perfect Size
Fruit Bats – A Bit Of Wind

Fruit Bats – Lives of Crime
Funkstorung – Wearing Old Armani
Gaudi – Chaine a Chaine
Gaudi Testa – Bass Instinct
GB – After All
Get Hustle – Bloo Boo

GFK – Direct Actions Is More Than
Ghislain Poirier – Civil Disobedience
Giant Drag – Kevin Is Gay
Gideon Leeches – The Freezing Point Of Sound
Girls Against Boys – Click Click
Girls Against Boys – Kicking The Lights

Global Goon – Dead Weird Keks
GMFTPO – Demagog
GMFTPO – Sweet 5 AM
GMFTPO – When Every Color Turns To Black
Goa Gil – Djembe
godheadSilo – Relationshit

Godspeed You Black Emperor – Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
Gold Chains and Sue Cie – Shoot Straight
Goldrush – Let You Down
Goldrush – Wait For The Wheels
Gomez – Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
Goner – Jessica’s Song‘s_Song_128.mp3
Goon Moon – Rock Weird (Weird Rock)
Gossip – SITWOC
Gossip – SweetBaby
Graham Coxon – No Good Time
Grandadbob – City Approach
Grandadbob – Maybe

Grand Agent – Behind The Wall
Grand Mal – Shadowlandz
Gravenhurst – The Diver
Gravy Train!!!! – Darque Tan!!!!-Darque_Tan_128.mp3
Great Day Coming – Thursdays Tie
The – Advents
Great Unraveling – The Calling Beckons
Green Day – American Idiot
Green Milk From The Planet Orange – OMGS
Greenskeepers – Man In The House
Greenskeepers – Man In The House (Pepe Bradock Mix)
Greg Davis – Archer

Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux – I Never Met Her
Greg MacPherson – Good Times
Greg MacPherson – Southern Lights
Greg MacPherson – Two Haircuts in One
Greg Palast – Dying Regime

Greg Palast – Ground Zero As A Profit Center
Greg Palast – I Dont Make It Up
Greg Palast – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Greg Palast – What An Introduction
Greg Palast – Who Won The War Daddy
Greg Palast – Youve Been Drafted

Greyboy – See My Eyes
Grimble Grumble – Rail Road
Grizzly Bear – Deep Sea Diver
Gros – Nardi
Growing – Onement
Growing – Southern Wrights

Guided By Voices – Gleemer The Deeds Of Fertile Jim
Guided By Voices – Gonna Never Have To Die
Guided By Voices – It Is Divine
Guided By Voices – My Kind Of Soldier
Guided By Voices – Quality Of Armor
Guided By Voices – The Best Of Jill Hives

Haiku Detat – Mike Aaron and Eddie
Half Cousin – Country Cassette
Half Handed Cloud – Quail
Hammers of Misfortune – The Witch’s Dance‘s_Dance_128.mp3
Hammers of Misfortune – Troll’s March‘s_March_128.mp3
Hangar 18 – Beatslope
Har Mar Superstar – Cry 4 Help
Harris Newman – Continental Drift
Havergal – I Am A Frequency
Hayden – Hollywood Ending
Hayden – Woody
Headlights – Tokyo

Head of Femur – Acme The Summit Of A Mountain
Head Of Femur – Elliott Gould
Headphones – Pink and Brown
Headset – Grasping Claw
Heartless Bastards – Onions
Heartworm – Splinter

Heavy Trash – Mr. K.I.A.
He Can Jog – Milwaukee Pinebender
Hella – Madonna Approaches R&B Blonde Wreckages
Hella – Song From Uncle
Hella – The Mother Could Be You

Hella – We Was Just Boys Living In A Dead Ass German Shepard
!!! – Hello^ Is This Thing On^!!!-Hello^_Is_This_Thing_On^_128.mp3
Hellz Army – Ghoulies
Herbaliser – Kittynapper
Hezekiah – Soul Music
High Dials – Your Eyes Are A Door

Hint Hint – Natural Collegiate
Hockey Night – For Guys Eyes Only
hollAnd – I Steal And Do Drugs
Holopaw – Curious
Horse Noodles – Rudys Got The Number
Hot Hot Heat – Bandages

Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight Goodnight
Hot Hot Heat – Island Of The Honest Man
Hot Hot Heat – Middle Of Nowhere
Hot Karl – Ive Heard
Hot Troche – Discussion with Beach Ball
Howard Hello – Belief

Howard Hello – Even More of The Same
Howie B – Because Of The Weather
Huggy Bear – No Sleep
Husky Rescue – City Lights
IATWTC – Future Sightings
Icarus Line The – Feed A Cat To Your Cobra

Ida – Late Blues
Iggy and the Stooges – You Better Run
Ilkae – Setzer
Ill Ease-Jersey-O – Matic
I Love You But Ive Chosen Darkness – According to Plan
Ilya – Isola

Ilya – Rana
Imperial Teen – Ivanka
Indicia – Its Coming Around
Innerstance Beatbox – Helium Disco
Innerstance Beatbox – Theme From The Bastard Squad
Intense – A Healthy Obsession

International Peoples Gang – Conditioned Response
Interpol – NYC
Intuit – Crianca Das Ondas feat Flora Purim & Airto Moreira
Iron & Wine – Woman King

Iron X Wine – LionXs Mane
Iron X Wine – Naked As We Came
Jack Acid – Recon Void
Jackson And His Computer Band – Utopia
James Cotton – Press Your Body
James Hardway Collective – The Hard Way

James William Hindle – Come Down Slowly
Jamie Lidell – When I Come Around
Jane – Berserker
Jascha Ephraim – Chompers
Jascha Ephraim – Lovely Ghost
Jason Loewenstein – Circles

J Boogie – Youre The Murdera
Jean Grae – Its A Wrap
Jeff Sharel – Somethng I know
Jega – Recursion
Jello Biafra – Beat Around The Burning Bush
Jello Biafra – Joey Ramone

Jello Biafra – Miscue 911
Jello Biafra – Propane And Propane Accessories
Jello Biafra – The Big Ka Boom
Jello Biafra with The Melvins – Plethysmograph
Jello Biafra with The Melvins – Yuppie Cadillac
Jennifer Gentle – I Do Dream You

Jennifer Gentle – Universal Daughter
Jens Lekman – A Sweet Summers Night On Hammer Hill
Jens Lekman – Black Cab
Jens Lekman – Rocky Dennis Farewell Song To The Blind Girl
Jens Lekman – You Are The Light
Jesse Denatale – Down In The Boondocks

Jessica Vale – Disco Libido
Jets to Brazil – You Are Having The Time Of My Life
Jim Hightower – Everyones Getting Rich
Jim Hightower – Getting The Hogs Out Of the Creek
Jim Hightower – The Rebellion
Jim Hightower – We Have No Right To Be Quiet

Jimmy Edgar – I Wanna Be Your STD
Joan of Arc – Fleshy Jeffrey
Joan of Arc – Me And America
Joel Plaskett – Work Out Fine
Joel Plaskett – Written All Over Me
John Beltran – Dia Brioso

John Digweed-Suicide Sports Club – Last Ghost In Town
John Doe – Hwy 5
Johnny Five – Call Response
John Parish – Sea Defences
John Tejada – Alone With You
John Vanderslice – Pale Horse

John Vanderslice – Trance Manual
John Wilkes Booze – Sweetback’s Gonna Make It‘s_Gonna_Make_It_128.mp3
Jonathan Vance – Sylvia The eagle
Josh Martinez – Just A Dood
Josh Martinez – Time Alone
Joy Zipper – Out Of The Sun

Judah Johnson – Kisses And Interrogation
Julie Doiron – Dance All Night
Jump Cut – Intermission
June Of 44 – Escape Of The Levitational Trapeze Artist
June Panic – 22 Parties
The – Mudroaster
kaitO – Should I
Kaki King – Kewpie Station
The – The Overweight Lovers
Kaskade – Maybe
Kaya Project – 65 percent
Kaya Project – Kanzaman
Keelhaul – Cruel Shoes

Keith Fullerton Whitman – Schnee (2002)
Kelley Stoltz – The Sun Comes Through
Kelly Stoltz – One Thousand Rainy Days
Ken Nordine – Cellophane
Ken Nordine – Cigars
Ken Nordine – Lampshades

Ken Nordine – When YouXre Born
Kice of Course – Everything
kid606 – powerbookfiend
kid606 – Pregnant Cheerleader Theme Song
kid606 – Rebel Girl
Kid606 – Rudestyleindiejunglistmassive

kid606 – The Illness
Kid Dynamite – Bookworm
Kid Galahad – Makes Me Smile
Kill Creek – Serotonin
Kill Memory Crash – Riyout
Kiln – Royal Peppermint

Kinski – The Wives of Artie Shaw
Kiss Me Deadly – Dance 1
Knifehandchop – Girlfriend
Kode IV – Fortuna (420 myx)
Koufax – Why Bother At All
Kreators – Night Life

Kristin Hersh – Sno Cat
Krystle Warren – Sparkle And Fade
KutMasta Kurt – 1 2 3 4 Remix feat Titan
Kutmasta Kurt and Kool Keith – I Dont Believe You
KutMasta Kurt-Beastie Boys – Body Movin Remix
The – Bronzed
The – A Burial At Sea
Lady Sovereign – Random
Ladytron – Destroy Everything
Lakota – Perfect Faith
Laltra – So Surprise
Landshark – Slippage
Langley School Of Music – Desperado

Langley School Of Music – Space Oddity
Languis – Never now
Lashes The – Death By Mixtape
Laundrette – Saturday Mornings
Lazarus – Croslin St
Leftover Crack – Feed The Children

Leftover Crack – Gang Control
Leftover Crack – Gringos Son Puercos Feos
Leftover Crack – Via Sin Dios
Lefty’s Deceiver – Let’s Not Pretend‘s_Deceiver-Let’s_Not_Pretend_128.mp3
Legendary Pink Dots The – Soft Toy
Le Scrawl – Bully

Le Scrawl – Good Times
Le Scrawl – Tenderloin
Les Savy Fav – Well Make A Lover Out Of You
Leviathan – Burning In Waves Choked By Mountains
Leviathan – Courtship Of The Discarded
Leviathan – Epoch Surcease

Leviathan – Suckling At The Teat Of Revenge
Lewis and Clarke – Bare Bones and Branches
Lichens – Shoreline Scoring
Linda Perry – Freeway
Liquid Acrobat – Lotus Kitty In Bloom
Little Barrie – Living In And Out Of Place

Little Plastic Pilots – Love Song
Live Human – Elephants Bliss
Living Science Foundation – Sin City Lights
Loaded Dreams – A Love Song
Loquat – To The Floor
Loscil – Ema

Lotek Hi-Fi – Move Ya Ting feat. Roots Manuva and Sandra Melody
Lotek Hi-Fi – Ram Dancehall (feat. Earl J)
Lou Barlow – Home
Love As Laughter – Dirty Lives
Love As Laughter – Temptation Island
Low – Monkey

Low Skies – Ready To Be Done
Low Skies – Sad Hymn
Lucero – Tears DonXt Matter Much
Ludicra – Hollow Promise
Ludicra – One Thousand Wol
Ludicra – The Final Lamentation

Ludicra – The Only Curse The Only Remedy
Ludicra – Tomorrow Held In Scorn
Lunchbox – Brown Bag
Luomo – Tessio Moonbootica Remix
Lupine Howl – DonXt Lose Your Head
Lusine – The Stop

Lying In States – Fall Or Stumble
Macha – Smash And Grab
Machine Drum – Billowads
Machine Drum – Count Chocula
Machine Drum – Jigga Why
Machine Drum – $$legs$$legs_128.mp3

Machine Drum – Mltply
Madame Chao-Raves Dead – Yer Next
Madame Chao – The Taard Part
Mahalia Jackson – Silent Night (King Kooba Mix)
Make Believe – Temping As A Shaman

Maktub – Say What You Mean
Malkovich – Homecoming
Malkovich – In The Dark
Man Man – Van Helsing Boombox
Man Or Astroman – Domain Of The Human Race
Marah – So What If Were Outta Tune

Marbles – Out Of Zone
Mare – They Sent You
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Heaven
Mark Eitzel – My Pet Rat St Michael
Mark Farina – Cali Spaces (Mark Farina Mix)
Mark Farina – To Do

Mark Lanegan – Methamphetamine Blues
Mark Mulcahy – I Have Patience
Martin Rev – In Your Arms
Marumari – Casium
Mates of State – Ha Ha
Matmos – The Struggle Against Unreality

Matt Elliott – The Mess We Made
Matthew Black Orchestra – The Good Old Days
Matthew Dear – And In The Night
Matthew Dear – But For You
Matthias Matty Heilbronn – Cuchifritos
Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure

Mayday – Dave D Blues
Mayday – Pelf Help
Maylay Sparks – Legacy
Mcenroe and Birdapres – Broke Beat