KEXP delivers for all a wonderful podcast for the Song of the Day with links to all the previous days in case you missed the download. These are normal mp3s that can be automatically setup for itunes or viewed in Firefox for manual saving. A few days ago I found this and was pleasantly relieved to find a few things for my taste- a track from Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, a great rocking instrumental from Pelican, and some other great ones that I unfortunately already had most of (but you may not) from when I was internetting on O.C.D. download binges.

There are no ads or weird podcasty hazards other than plugging in the xml file linked above and downloading. Obviously it requires a connection to download and some space to download it, but you’re bound to have it if you can view this page. Setting up through iTunes is just as easy as viewing the render in Firefox… just find “Advanced” in the menu, then “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste the link in there.

Edit: I don’t believe I spelled “music” wrong in the title (Nusic). I’ll leave it there for completeness and to document my mistake. Firefox spell check doesn’t work in single input lines apparently.