serves up free mp3s, and I’ve said so before on other pages. When it first came out there was no search feature and you only knew if you landed on their page or crafted a special heavy google search with advanced operators. Ashlee Simpson’s album was up for a week a long time ago. Since then, they have a free download section featuring popular tracks of the week with subsections for popular tags. The downside is you can’t search tags other than ones listed, and there is no telling which bands offer downloads. Of the current listing, there’s only a small handful that I recognize and smaller of what I’m interested in. I can’t sort free R&B tracks because the tag doesn’t exist. I can’t sort by a decade tag like “90s” or unpopular “Ragtime.” Nor can I get my fix of bebop or freejazz without going to every artist hoping their page shows the FREE button.

I am personally grateful for group efforts for the good of all… or individual hard or tedious work like this fantasmo user-generated list of bands and albums split up into genres. This fixes some functions lacking in the limited weekly display provided by Thanks to meyde and I’m here passing on the effort to you all.