It’s that time to not really have a specific time to roll out with this monthly playlist.

The downside of user videos is the sound isn’t so crisp. This My Morning Jacket song tingles down to the center of my body. So much energy. This song echoes my recent blog post about language:

all that I wanted to say / words only got in the way

Pure sonic quality for a daydream. This is the Walkmen beautifying a song written by Mazarin. “And another one goes by…”

My Morning Jacket returns with a slow touching ballad. There’s Just One Thing about his voice that I don’t think I possess quite yet.

The Cure smoothly enters the scene after the somber MMJ song. “Pictures of You” is one of my favorites from the Cure. The lyrics are a bit dark, but the melodic compatibility is phenomenal. It’s very easy to sense the feeling in what the imagery reveals.

It may appear I am sinking into sorrow by now, but bear with me. It’s not what it seems at all. In fact I see glee in these songs. And to hear the downtrodden somehow made me feel more comfortable. My playlist has Paul Westerberg performing “These Days” live instead of its author Jackson Browne. The video is a top-notch recording.

Should’ve Been In Love by Wilco. No video! Just a preview… And I think I ended up with a lot of consistency on this mixtape because the sound and messages flow really well together.

Wilco comes around with “Radio Cure.” This song was not an instant favorite, but the “long distance has a way” chorus (or whatever it is) brings the eerie beginning into a cool mood.

I found this version of “Left of the Dial” jam-packed with vocal energy. What! I’ve never seen Paul Westerberg try to break a guitar. I’ll give it to him for this song though… because the passion and the the product fit such a performance.

On and on and on and on
It’s Sad to Move on

This is Grade with “A Year in the Past, Forever in the Future.” You can tell this was still in the 90s. It’s early sounds in the scene of screamo. Being an enthusiast of contradictions, I can appreciate the lines:

This is a time in my life
Where everything is falling apart
And at the same time
It’s all coming together

P.S. We’ll Call You When We Get There by The Juliana Theory. Videos are not to be found, but is streaming the entire song. It’s quite happy.

Call me a victim of loving MxPx at a young age. I can still admire most of their early collection. They still manage to rock out live too.

One of the greatest songs ever, or at least from the 80s. Very truthful and packed with soul (wrapped in a punk song). Here’s the ‘Mats.

“Third Engine” is excellent. Video quality is excellent. This is acoustic Saves the Day. From their album Through Being Cool.

The Strokes. “Is This It.” This is it. I adore the bassline. And the simple guitar. And the singing. Quite a laid back song for chilling.

The Walkmen are “Thinking Of A Dream I Had.” So am I. Cool video production.

K-Ci and Jojo – All My Life. I’m kind of serious. This was stuck in my head for days. I have no idea why. It’s not really that bad of a song, but it wasn’t really fitting with anything else. I like me some R&B in small doses.

The Flaming Lips – The Spiderbite Song. Favorite moment in the song starts:

I was glad that it didn’t destroy you…

The Sun. “Must Be You.” Very catchy without being too poppy. And from the lack of anybody knowing about them (I barely know about them), I’d say this is a deserving underground song.

Beck – Totally Confused
This is not a popular song of his, but there exists a cover version in video form.

I wish I had this version now. “Brass Buttons” has a glorious melody. Gram Parsons is seen as being pretty country, but there’s something I like about it.