December was busy. Plenty going on, plenty to listen to, plenty of plenty. I didn’t capture much to mixtape this month, and it didn’t help that a good portion of the stuff I collected have no documentation other than rarer recordings or the are just too unestablished to have a music video or performance. I didn’t include any standard Christmas songs, but I’ll consider it next year. Things were just so crazy that it didn’t feel like Christmas until it was over. And I run out of time. But I gave some to you:

“The Wrath of Marcie” by The Go! Team
I’m amazed by the different elements that make this song what it is. The urban youth chant mixed with the samples of catchy horns from what sounds like the 70s topped off with a hint of Asian girl pop background vocals with a healthy dose of indie rock to slap it all together. Certainly danceable and full of goodness.

“Under Control” by The Strokes
Sets the perfect mood. Cool. Not arrogant. Got some crooning action going on. Move over Sinatra, smooth garage rockers have come in town. They have been out of the pop media for a spell, but that isn’t a bad thing.

“Vincent O`Brien” by M Ward
There aren’t many videos for M. Ward, and I was hoping to get one of Archangel Tale, but there is nothing close to it. This makes for a good replacement, although it comes from a different album and has a different flavor. Not all is lost though. I like this just as much.

“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver
Powerful voice. Resonating falsetto and belting wails from the diaphragm. Very emotive and one of my favorite discoveries of 2008 that I made looking for music in the undiscovered regions of life. Absolutely impressive.

[Instrumental] by Sharks Keep Moving
There is nothing to show for this band in video form. I really like their instrumentals. Nice post-rock vibes.

“You Know How I Do” by Taking Back Sunday
I never was too keen on these guys. I still haven’t made a judgement call if I like all their stuff. I should look up more of their stuff or borrow a CD from a friend.

“Me, My Yoke and I” by Damien Rice
Another unique acoustic song. Strange lyrics. Might share some vocal characteristics of the singer in Bon Iver.