Best Coast with Feline Lover AKA "Boyfriend"

Best Coast with Feline Lover AKA "Boyfriend"

Exclusive free download of “Boyfriend” by Best Coast. The album “Crazy for You” was released three days ago.

Score: 4.5/5.0

Best Coast has been popping up on most cutting-edge music blogs. Why? Who knows… The song is good though. Not too good, just good. Download it and hear for yourself. Does it meet your standards? Will it supersede your love for Yeah Yeah Yeahs? It’s a bit more pop-sensation than I tend to go for, but the catchy lines just clench you like that real boyfriend you were hoping for (or lucky enough to have).

*half point deduction for lyrical brevity.

If you’ve survived the inter-species bonding pictured above, and are still interested in having a listen, then follow the download:

Did you know? The lead singer is dating the dude from Wavves (at least publicly).