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More Early Folk + Jazz Music

About 20 mp3s are offered at supplying ancient folk, jazz, and blues before your day. If you can get past the annoying flash sound that loads on every page, you should see downward on the page (below the search box in the center) a drop down menu titled Free MP3 Tunes! with jazz and...

My Cigar Box Slide Guitar

A few months ago I was working on making my own instrument from a cigar box. There are many guitars made out of odds and ends, and cigar boxes have been popular for do-it-yourself blues players since pre-war legends. Being an amateur craftsman with wood, I made the best out of my skills and the...

Mistakes Make Music (free album)

The following is a review by the author of the album- Mistakes Make Music. Bolie Folke (his real name is undisclosed) was kind enough to let me post his biographical account of the recording below: Today I made an album ready for the public to download using the one-man-band name of Bolie Folke. It’s a...