About 20 mp3s are offered at Tuneresource.com supplying ancient folk, jazz, and blues before your day. If you can get past the annoying flash sound that loads on every page, you should see downward on the page (below the search box in the center) a drop down menu titled Free MP3 Tunes! with jazz and folk containing a small collection of good songs, and a single number listed under blues. I highly recommend Uncle Dave Macon and Woody Guthrie singing “We Shall Be Free.” It sounds like Woody’s playing with Cisco Houston and/or Lead Belly. I don’t know if they rotate their free downloads, but if you’ve been here before let me know if the freebies change.

No registration is needed to quickly download these mp3s. That’s for purchasing digital music that isn’t offered for free. I haven’t bought anything here, but there seems to be a hefty selection of old blues if you’re interested. Otherwise you can browse through my list of early folk, blues, and jazz sites that won’t cost a cent.