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Legally Share iTunes-bought music by Authorization

This might seem like a no-brainer, but Apple allows 5 computers to have access to your paid-for library. So this can apply to your home desktop, laptop, your old clunker you left at your parents, office PC, and maybe a computer or 2 you use when you are at a friend’s house. That last bit...

Download Songs Legally without DRM

DRM Free Music Search is a new tool that combines many sources for legal song purchases. It combines eMusic, Audio Lunchbox, and other independent stores that carry DRM-free songs by artists who are not signed by the major labels. If you use the iTunes store, chances are you have files with restrictions placed on their...

Listen to 2.5+ Million Tracks (Students Only)

If you go to college or have an email address with “.edu” at the end, you can listen to a lifetime’s worth of new popular bands or old songwriters (most of the good stuff you find in music stores)- if you’re willing to download another media player and settle for non-ipod compatible protected WMA files...