Regarding my post on abortion, there is a newer video from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform called Choice Blues that you can watch or download to your iPod. It shows clips of an actual abortion and two different babies. I wish they showed how old they were.

Also, recently I found another video free of graphic bloodshed that discusses some not well known facts about Planned Parenthood (the largest abortionist organization on earth) and its founder Margaret Sanger, who actually died in Tucson, Arizona, the city I live in. Her racism and eugenics positions are supported by the fact that she opened an abortion clinic in Harlem in 1930, which influenced black doctors and black social workers to destroy their own young.

Please note that nowhere am I campaigning that outlawing abortion will actually stop abortions. If it did become illegal, it will still occur as it did when it was prohibited. However, when laws are put in place, violations are reduced than if the law was not put in place, so unnecessary abortions would be minimized. I don’t care what political position you have, but I care about your conviction for a inhumane system that we allow to run rampant in the name of selfish, non-delegated rights.

PS. I’d never think that somebody would keep aborted fetuses in his refrigerator. Disgusting!