I’m a sucker for old music. It can be folk. It can be blues. It can be gospel. I’m not too picky, although I can get tired of Billy Murry, acoustic era skits, and unoriginal popular oldies.

WFMU is a diverse radio station that also delivers free podcasts through the internet. Mp3s are available for I think two weeks (it’ll automatically download if set in iTunes [Insert into iTunes from menu: Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast]) Most shows are streamable with Real after two weeks. Here’s a list of some of the programs that offer some older variety of music (some include a mix of new music as well).

Sinner’s Crossroads with Kevin Nutt

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“Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs.” Get your gospel fix here from all sides of America. The Christian infomercials are just hilarious.

Antique Phonograph Music Program

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“Pop, standard, and ethnic music acoustically recorded on discs and cylinders and played on period machines circa 1895-1925.” Hear just about every accent and plenty of ancient sounding audio from sketches to acoustic era music.

Thomas Edison’s Attic

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“The audio curator at Edison National Historic Site rummages through the archives of the legendary Edison Laboratory of West Orange, New Jersey. Tune in for Edison cylinder and disc record rarities, many not heard since “the old man” himself stashed them away, featuring: Tin Pan Alley pop songs, ragtime, vaudeville comedy sketches, flapper dance bands, old-time country tunes, historic classical music, laboratory experiments and other artifacts – all dating from 1888 through 1929.” Good old songs in the public domain [they should be].

Muriel’s Treasure with Irwin

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“An hour of vintage calypso, soca, mento, pan, and related Caribbean genres – and NO reggae (or Belafonte). Sexy and saucy, ribald and raunchy recordings from the 1920s to the 1980s, and occasionally later.” Island sounds that might make you want to take a vacation or find romance.

Warning: expect long page load time for the next pages… If you don’t know, WFMU is also home to weird things via Beware of the Blog, also hosting Round 2 of 365 Days Project of daily mp3s of uncommercial music, and random oft-amusing video clips.