Stereo is one of my favorite dual albums, with its counterpart Mono, all of which comes from mastermind Paul Westerberg. I’ve come to realize that I get attached to music that has sentimental appeal, and even more so when it can hit the gut on a personal level as though the lyrics are being drawn straight from your soul.

Glenn Case tried to put his skills to the test by playing the entire Stereo record by his lonesome. You have access to the entire digital album (just mp3s) with no nickels or pennies attached. The cover effort is definitely tolerable. A song or two might not have the flare that Paul puts in, but it proves they are well-written songs. Paul pretty much did things on his own with this double-disc and the raw output makes you feel better than anything else that could be raw (I can’t rock too hard with raw vegetables or raw wounds).

So take your downloads and run. Or just sit back and soak up the noise. There is much more you can do with it, but you need to start somewhere. That’s what I did; I started to truly listen to music. I found some powerful things on my journey. I am now building my own highways and hopefully you can see where I’ve been, you can take the same path, or you can bathe in the personal history of humankind.